Learning from Her

She’s watching me I realized today. Copying me.

The way I use my makeup brushes, and the way I talk on the phone. She’s always got her eyes on me, and her ears tuned in. I know I need to be someone who can inspire her. Someone who teaches her how to love, herself and others. How to work hard for what she wants. How to be a someone who helps others. Continue reading “Learning from Her”

Mommin’ On A Budget Part 2 Groceries

You have to feed them, and let me just say Das’ espensive. I feed our family on $40-$50 a week for 3 of us. But I swear my toddler eats like a line backer. I have a master grocery list of staples we eat daily, and I meal plan.  Continue reading “Mommin’ On A Budget Part 2 Groceries”

Momming With High Functioning Anxiety

I live with high functioning anxiety. Which means on the outside to someone who doesn’t know me very well you’d think I was your average mom. On the inside however, I’m kind of a mess. I’m always worried, I have racing thoughts and Often suffer from Insomnia. I worry about not pleasing the people I love, I also have a hard time saying “no” and at the same time really don’t want to say yes. I often over fill my schedule. Oh and I always need a schedule. I show up to things early and count down until its time to go home. I am an enigma. Continue reading “Momming With High Functioning Anxiety”

Mommin’ On a Budget Part 1 Family Entertainment

We are a family on  budget. Down to the last penny. I chose to stay home and that cut our finances in almost half. Being a stay at home mom I also want to do fun things (when my anxiety lets me but that’s a different post). This summer I tried my best to do fun and free or cheap things with my toddler and this is what I came up with. Continue reading “Mommin’ On a Budget Part 1 Family Entertainment”

Babies Cry and Diaper Leak

In my first few weeks of motherhood, a seasoned mom told me, as I was struggling to figure this whole mom thing out, that there are only two things in motherhood that you can guarantee.

  1. Babies cry
  2. Diapers leak

She was 100% right. Motherhood is loud, and messy. Babies are always going to cry. Diapers will always leak onto the picture perfect outfit, right before or as you’re taking your perfect Instagram photo. That expensive nursery bedding is going to be covered in bodily fluids, but it will come clean. Your baby will cry, and you will probably cry too. I did. Sometimes I still cry. Hey this isn’t easy.

There is no perfect mom. Not June Cleaver, not Lorelei Gilmore, heck even Mary lost Jesus on a family vacation.

Here are some more mom truths I’ve learned in the the 19 short months I’ve been doing this

  • You will forget a pack of wipes, or run out, while out and about with a million errands and have to run to CVS or target for a pack when there are 10 more at home.
  • You will get spit up on while out to eat and no extra shirt in your bag.
  • The day the whole family matches and looks adorable someone will get pooped on.
  • 2 hours of very expensive family photos and 1 kid will cry the whole time, and then laugh and smile in the car on the way home.
  • When you get brave and take a shower when alone with your newborn for the first time you’ll hear her cry as soon as shampoo touches your hair. When you get out she will be asleep soundly in her swing.
  • You will feel like you’re failing but i promise you aren’t.

Fake it until you make it.